Friday 8th -  Sunday 10th JUNE 2018

 In 2018 Gascoyne in May presents Eventide, four days of enriching experiences, live entertainment & high arts in situ.


Friday 8th June

Preview showing of "Creality" (Aerial Dance & Projection Art)

Date: Friday 8 June 2018

Location: outside Camel Lane Theatre, Carnarvon

Time: 6.00pm

Cost: FREE

followed by...

Sense of Human (Playback Theatre)

Camel Lane Theatre, Carnarvon

Time: 6:45pm

Cost: FREE

...followed by a lineup of our amazing live music acts into the evening.



Stories are the lifeblood of any culture. Personal stories, no matter how big or how small, reveal and connect us to ourselves, to each other and what it means to be human. The ‘Sense of Human’ Playback Theatre Troupe is an exciting new troupe created in this spirit and as part of the Gascoyne in May Festival Tour of 2018.

The ‘Sense of Human’ troupe is a dynamic and culturally diverse team. It is comprised of celebrated local and international artists who bring with them a dizzying array of talents and experience. In each show, in each community, a cosy space is created where stories from audiences are shared, heard and mirrored back in the form of music and theatre improvised on the spot.

It is a unique and special experience every time.

This heARTful project grows out of already existing relationships, trust and connection within the region. Many shows will not be open to the general public though there will be two exceptions, a public performance (in the lead up to the Whale Shark Festival) at Froth Craft Brewery in Exmouth on the night of the 23rd of May (see below for poster) - and the other at Camel Lane Theatre in Carnarvon (see for details).

The aim is of this community project is to orchestrate a safe space for individuals & groups to share stories; be they moving, edgy, light, painful and/or hilarious yet all enabling connection, reflection and hopefully enjoyment and insight into our sense of what it is to be human.


Saturday 9th June

Eventide (Music Concert, Circus, Fire & Fun!)

Location: Carnarvon Fascine

Time: 5.30pm

Cost: FREE

Sunday 10th June

Spindrift (Aerial Dance & Projection Art)

Location: Sunsets Cafe

Time: 5.00pm

Cost: FREE

More information and full program coming soon! 

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