Gascoyne Circus and Physical Theatre was born in 2008 when founder Theaker von Ziarno discovered a crew of talented and passionate circus enthusiasts in Carnarvon and promptly built a strong partnership with the Carnarvon Civic Centre who kindly extended a home to the circus school and a training space for the Gascoyne in May production house. Gascoyne Circus and Physical Theatre have emerged into profiled industry professionals and now produce many community, corporate and festival events throughout the region and beyond.

Mix Torossi is a carpenter and builder based in Carnarvon.  He has been involved with Gascoyne in May since it's inception in 2011 & Civic Center Circus since 2008, training and performing primarily as a static trapeze artist.

A bit of an all-rounder and creative problem-solver, Mix has worked as Production Manager for Gascoyne In May, while also doubling as fire sculptor, unicycler, stilt-walker, juggler and gas-powered fire manipulator!  Like the Leatherman on your belt, Mix gets the job done. 

Jade Mills has been training as an aerialist since 2009. Jade’s performances on the aerial hoop are always spunky and energetic.  Jade also performs on tissu, is an excellent fire eater and performs fire staff with the troupe. You may see Jade in the Civic Centre Circus teaching the children of the gascoyne circus or out around the region and further performing her shows. 

Theaker Von Ziarno has 20 years’ experience as a performing artist and artistic director specializing in festival and large scale site specific events written for ‘Country’. She is the architect and artistic director of Gascoyne in May and has staged over ten international tours with her solo aerial street shows aRTyMs, Minerva and Nebula; is a pioneer of aerial street performance and is a seasoned rigger.

Ivy Klassen-Glanzer Since joining the Civic Center Circus and the Gascoyne In May house troupe in 2011, Ivy has primarily focused on acrobalance and tumbling.  She has assisted in productions, worked as stage manager, front of house and keeps the morale up in the crew. Ivy also loves juggling clubs as well as numbers!  She has a unique approach with people and a girl you want by your side when the pressure is on. 

Chelsea Renton is a long time resident of Carnarvon and teacher at East Carnarvon Primary School.  Her artistic background includes teaching and performing belly dancing, and training and performing in ballroom and latin dance.    

She joined the Civic Center Circus in 2009 initially as a teacher and subsequently as a performer and teacher.  She is primarily an aerialist focusing on static trapeze, but also performs aerial and fire shows with the GIM house troupe.  

Janine Oxenham Janine has studied dance at both the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association’s dance college in New South Wales and at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth. She facilitates an adult and a youth contemporary Aboriginal and Hip hop styled dance group that performs alongside the Civic Centre Circus to weave story and contemporary Aboriginal themes through the shows.

Janine is also a capable poi spinner and performs fire poi routines as part of Civic Centre Circus. She exhibits fast fluid and creative interchanges between each of her tricks.

Sebastian Lourenco graduated from Carnarvon Senior High School in 2012.  He has been involved with the Civic Center Circus since 2008.  He works as a stage manager and production crew with the Gascoyne In May house troupe.  He trained with Alan Surgener to learn to be a lighting technician and is keen to specialize in lighting.  He is also an accomplished diablo performer, juggler and magician.