The Architects of Spectacle workshop series is designed for leading community artists from across the Gascoyne to create interactive, iconographic festival spectacle while learning new artistic skills. 

To register your interest please email  Theaker von Ziarno This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or text 0403 879 263

‘Narrators of the Shipwrecked Coast’ is a street theatre stilt troupe. Participants are to be young adults or older and have a genuine aspiration to be a performer. Leads artists include Karen Hethey and Theaker von Ziarno

The workshops will include:

  •          Learn to walk and perform on stilts
  •          Gather local stories
  •          Profile a local character from the past and to
  •          Storyboard these stories

Gascoyne Illuminates Landscape photographs combined with time-lapse recordings and animation projected into landscapes, townscapes or any other projection spaces. Digital works created in these workshops will feature at GiM festival events across the region. Lead artist Anton Blume, Mathias Mortag and Nils Borchers.

WORKSHOPS: Join us to create video content for the Gascoyne illuminates project.
We will guide you to create your own time-lapse video, stop motion clip or
hand drawn animation.

Participants need to bring:

  • Pen and paper (and time and fun!)
  • Optional  (but not necessary) your own: cameras, go pros, iPad or iPhone etc.

The workshop is open ended and we aim for people to have results after two workshops.

Techniques of:

  • stop motion animation
  • time-lapse animation
  • And Participants create their own visual story

Gascoyne Illuminates workshops – Carnarvon

Workshop Location: TBC

Wednesday 13th May

3pm / youth
5.30pm /adults

Thursday 14th May

3pm / youth
5.30pm /adults

Wednesday 27th May 

3pm / youth
5.30pm /adults

Thursday 28th May

3pm / youth
5.30pm /adults


Gascoyne Illuminates workshops

Stilt walking Workshops (bookings only)

Location: Exmouth Rec Centre

Wednesday 19th May

3pm / youth
5.30pm /adults

Thursday 20th May

3pm / youth
5.30pm /adults